Founded in 2017 in Copenhagen Denmark, Garma was established with the goal of delivering high quality unisex watches at an accessible price. We make beautiful and creative watches and sell them directly to you. With Garma, you get the best quality without paying a premium.  


Our Watches

We strive to create a timeless look through design & quality at a very affordable price.

Garma is a self-funded, independent company founded on tireless work ethic and constant innovation striving to deliver beautiful and trendy timepieces that inspire YOU. We find beauty in the fresh, different and unusual. We're here for the dreamers and the artists.

We cut out the middlemen, wholesalers and retailers, so you avoid unnecessary price hikes. We sell our watches exclusively on our website directly to you, which means you get beautiful watches at a fraction of the price. All our watches come with a 2 year warranty, free shipping, exchanges and returns.

We thank you greatly for your continued support of the Garma brand.